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Welcome to Our World of Opportunities in Theatre & Song


I'm Charlotte and I'm the Artistic Director of "All the World's a Stage".

I love collaborating, I love helping people to feel more confident and I love bringing people together to play, sing and laugh. 


Ultimately, I love making Theatre.

I created ATWAS to bring together all the brilliant people I was working with, throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, to help support and inspire each other. 


Our Story...

ATWAS began as Singing Lessons for people to enhance their wellbeing. It has now evolved into classes and events for arts lovers, aspiring performers and professionals, of all ages.

In 2020 we became a Producing Theatre Company, providing our community with professional performance experiences, in the Open Air

Our name “All the World’s A Stage” quite literally suggests creating theatrical experiences, using the physical earth as the boards of the stage.

Theatre can be anywhere!

We are interested in creating outdoor theatre and performing arts training experiences, that work with and are inspired by NATURE.

Everything we do starts from what we began with- VOICES. We particularly love exploring the language of Shakespeare and the vocal demands of Musical Theatre. We want to give all “players” in this world a voice.  


Latest News

Theatre on the Farm

Our New, Unique, Theatre Venue!

ATWAS is making it's new home at Lopemede Farm in Thame. We will be creating Theatrical and Musical experiences that are immersed in and inspired by Nature. 

We will operate from A Mongolian Yurt and an Open Air Stage space. 

We will continue to run classes, workshops, courses and one-off events throughout the year at this new, exciting venue with our motto of all the world as our stage! 

"All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages."

As You Like It ~Act II Scene VII
William Shakespeare

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