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charlotte miranda-smith

singing/acting coaching


I am a professional performer currently in the industry and very aware of it's demands.

I absolutely love teaching and collaborating with like minded humans.

I trained at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and enjoy a varied career as a singer and actress, in Shakespeare, Plays, New Musicals, Pop/Rock Concerts and Opera. 

First and foremost I believe in boosting your confidence, creating a safe, friendly, warm environment to explore and act as a therapy to release the stresses of life. 

I always tailor my teaching to an individual student's needs and try to make it equally therapeutic and developmental for you. Everyone learns differently, just as everyone's voices are different. 

Because I cover a huge range of singing styles myself as a performer, I have access to a lot of new exciting material and always encourage my students to be versatile with their voices, to explore and to celebrate what their unique voice can do.

I also work with individuals and groups on acting through song, vocal anatomy, repertoire, Shakespeare, monologues and audition coaching. I have a breadth of knowledge and contacts applicable to students wishing to audition for places at drama schools/conservatoires. I support them through the whole daunting audition process, from application to audition technique, as well as finding and working on chosen material.

I am a pianist so therefore able to accompany you in your singing. I also like to explore other elements such as how the accompaniment or lyrics of a song might inform how you sing and the different vocal techniques used. Therefore I sometimes work away from the piano.

I teach from my home studio in Headington, OXFORD and Online. But home visits and LONDON sessions can be arranged. 


Don't hesitate to get in touch and have a chat about how we might be able to work together. 


Meet The other Players...


Singing/Audition Coaching 

James has a plethora of performing and teaching experiences under his belt. Initially a classically trained barritone  her has gone onto work for the BBC in 'Doctor Who', With Sir Tim Rice on his new musical 'Blondel', Singing with Susan Boyle and acting at reputable theatres such as the National Theatre of Scotland & Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

" I want to help with increasing confidence, technique, with a real emphasis on having fun!"

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Acting/Audition Coaching

Always with a motivational quote or pep talk up his sleeve, Drama Centre trained actor Oliver, is a patient and inspiring acting Coach. Having worked in both screen and theatre and with his expert actor training he has a huge amount of knowledge to pass on and explore with you.

Oliver works frequently at Watford Palace Theatre, the Trebah Gardens in Cornwall and most recently played Mr Burton in channel 4's Educating Yorkshire Rap Musical Adaptation "MUSHY: Lyrically speaking"/

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Singing Lesson

Sheet Music

£50 Hour
£40 45mins

Acting Coaching

Dramatic Actress


Auditioning for drama school help

Theater Lights



ONLY £90!!!


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