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Here at ATWAS we are a bit like a football team...


We TRAIN together but we also PLAY together!

Each summer, we create experiences for adults to rehearse and perform Shakespeare's works in the Open-Air, alongside other professional and amateur performers.

We are a "Band of Players", with performers taking on additional creative roles and the piece being devised together, around everyone's strengths.


There is always live Music involved and for many its been an extra special experience, getting to work with a range of people with different life experiences and feeling part of the ATWAS family.  

Over the next few years we plan to evolve this into multiple productions a year, including musicals and original work. 



Join us at Theatre on the Farm for our 2024 Shakespeare Mash-up show. 

This year's all about Love and Music and is an immersive theatrical experience set at "Bard-Fest" (a Music festival). 


Our Current

Past Productions

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"Shakespeare's Royal

Summer  2022

Shakespeare’s most famous royal personalities and plotlines are combined into a brand new extravaganza, in Celebration of the Queen's Jubilee. 


"It's a Shakespeare Thing"
Summer 2021 +
mer 2023

We've combined all your favourite bits of the bard, into one epic shakesperean feast.

Includes Music, laughs, love, blood and disguises. 

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